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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy 31st Birthday...

November 18th was finally here... I couldn't wait for this day, yet I had guarded myself just in case it didn't happen.  Obviously the day would happen, as well as my birthday, but I was anxious for us to sign Savannah's adoption papers.  However, knowing that it could quite possibly be postponed, I tried once again to not have high expectations... knowing I would ball my eyes out if the date was moved.   Right at noon our social worker arrived, so we were yet another step closer.  I kept my phone close just in case Savannah's social worker got lost or needed anything and then about 12:15 she arrived!  I think I could of hugged her forever (she had the papers we needed to sign).  As she came in she said, "There is  just one problem, I made a mistake..."  at these words my heart dropped to the floor and I could almost feel the instant tears, "I forgot a blue and black pen", ohh huge relief, I had plenty of those to share.  We all gathered around our dining room table as she explained each paper in this massive book (basically Savannah's life story before our home).  I couldn't stop looking at the cover.  It was the first time we saw her forever name on an official document.  It was beautiful!  We had a signing party as all four of us passed papers around placing our signatures in all the right places.  Savannah sat right on my lap as she was so happy for Mommy and Daddy to be signing her forever and ever  I will never have to move again papers.   The process took about 45 minutes and we thanked the social workers for all they had done and then they were on their way to there next appointments.  As the door closed all I could do was smile.  I felt so giddy.  We were no longer Savannah's foster parents.  We had signed the papers to officially be her forever Mommy and Daddy.
We were finally in adoption placement!! It was the best birthday present ever!! The Lord had answered my prayer!!

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