The Boone Family's Adoption Journey

We Are Growing Again...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

6 Months Together as a Family of 8!

Six months ago Joel and I said "yes" to a phone call that forever changed our family... again. We had no clue what saying "yes" really meant, but we knew clearly that we were being obedient to The Lord.
The past 6 months have been challenging emotionally and physically, but The Lord has been faithful to give me His strength each day. Court dates, weekly visits with Mom, social workers, attorneys etc... The Lord has (and is) taking me on a journey I would of said I could never do. I have fallen in love with a little girl who I might not get to be "Mom" to forever. However, each challenge, the chaos, my fears and every tear cried have been worth it! We have watched our baby girl transform. We have had the joy to watch her take her first steps, say her first words, learn to smile, laugh, have sass and sparkle. She is full of personality, she is stubborn, she is determined, she is happy, she is cuddly, she loves to play outside, she loves animals, she loves dirt and her and Cian are best buddies!
We continue to journey thru the emotional roller coaster of the reunification process. At this point we know 2 things: we get to love and care for our sweet baby girl until at least January 2014 (when we have our next court date) and that if she becomes adoptable, we get too! I'm so thankful and excited that she will be with us for the holidays! It's going to be one fun and crazy Christmas!

Fun memories we've shared as a family of 8 so far:
Camping, twice
Bike rides
Hume Lake
Being asked..   Are they twins?
Being asked... Are they all yours? (Gavin's favorite)
Celebrating Cian's 1st birthday (10/8) and our baby girl's 1 1/2 birthday (10/6) together.

But by far the most amazing thing has been watching the boys and Savannah fall in love with her (and her with them). I'm reminded daily how God has given my kids unique hearts. It's been a huge adjustment with 2 babies
and it has required a lot of their help. They continue to do it willingly and with happy hearts!  Their attitudes are an encouragement to me.
After Cian was born Merek told me Cian needed a buddy. I was quick to respond, "That's not going to happen! Don't you think 5 is enough?"
At dinner this past week, Merek reminded me of that conversation and He said "Mom did I tell you I prayed for that? I just had no idea God was going to answer it like He did. I love being a big family." These are the moments that I know our family is right smack in the middle of the Lord's plan! Our house is crazy, our car is squished, our presence is very noticeable where-ever we go and our Costco bill is outrageous, but we are a Forever Family!
Thanks for continuing to pray for us!