The Boone Family's Adoption Journey

We Are Growing Again...

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Lord reminds us again, Our plans are not His plans...

I had to smile at my last post which was over a year ago... baby #5, the shock and the anticipation that awaited!

Well, our precious boy Cian Christopher arrived on October 8, 2012 and he arrived VERY quickly.  We walked in the hospital doors and we welcomed him into this world 20 minutes later!
We are so thankful that God's plan was different then our plan because for the last 7 months Cian has brought us nothing but joy! He is the happiest, easy going baby with the most contagious smile.  Our family can't imagine life without this little guy.

And once again His plans were not our plans...

The Lord made it very clear that He was growing our family again!

The morning began as usual, the kids headed off to school and Joel headed off to work.  I sat down to feed Cian and read Jesus Calling.  This is what the Lord brought my attention too...

"Don't let unexpected events throw you off course. Rather, respond calmly and confidently, remembering that I am with you."

 I sent it to Joel in a text as I knew he had a full day and I thought, wow Lord this is great encouragement for his day. When I had finished, Cian had fallen asleep in my arms and I decided I was just going to cuddle and enjoy him. Two hours later we woke up!  Shortly after our nap we headed out to pick Savannah up from school and continue about our day.. lunch, dishes, laundry, etc.
Then my phone rang with a very, very unexpected phone call from Koinonia (the agency we went through to adopt Savannah). We hadn't pursued adding to our family again through adoption or as many have asked, "Had our name on a list:)"
When I answered, they proceeded to tell me that they had a 12 month old little girl to place right away and no homes available to take her too. They asked if we could take her?  In complete shock I asked to call Joel. She said yes, but that I needed to get back to her right away.
I hung up and quickly prayed Lord I need two things, I need clarity quick and I need Joel to answer his phone.  I knew Joel was in a meeting which often means he doesn't have his phone with him.  I called and he didn't answer, so I sent him the emergency call me ASAP text!
Sure enough he called back quickly and I told him about the call.  His response was "Sarah you are telling me there is a little girl that needs some where to sleep, why wouldn't we take her?" God answered my prayers within minutes. Joel answered his phone and Joel's response was complete clarity.  I called our agency back and said yes.  They let me know that a social worker would call me and get me details.  I hung up and was speechless.  Then God reminded me of my morning devotion...

"Don't let unexpected events throw you off course. Rather, respond calmly and confidently , remembering that I am with you."

(He had prepared me that morning for what would take place in the afternoon and I had rested and snuggled my little guy. What a gift!)

I just keep saying to myself calmly and confidently, calmly and confidently!

Within just a few minutes the social worker called and she was on her way to our house.  From the phone call to the arrival of this sweet little girl was 45 minutes.  The social worker was at the house for a very brief moment and then she was on her way. As I closed the front door I had Cian on one side and this precious baby on the other, I just stood there thinking now what do I do? All she had was a blanket.

Calmly and confidently Sarah!

God had it all figured out..
I was able to get a friend to bring my boys home from school, as I didn't have a car seat and Savannah was all about a girl playmate.  Then within 24 hours we were able to get all that we needed...  diapers, bottles, car seat, clothes, etc...

Well, it has been over a month now that we have been blessed to have this sweet little one in our family.  It has been CRAZY with 2 babies (her and Cian are 6 months apart) and 6 kids!!!  However, The Lord has surrounded us with amazing people to love and support us during this transition.  
But the most amazing thing has been to watch our kids welcome her in, love her and help care for her.  God has given our kids unique hearts and that is why He knew we could be a big family.  Crazy is probably an understatement to how some of our days have gone, but the comments from the kids have been "we love her and we want her to stay" and Savannah loves having a buddy in her room! 

Please pray for us!
Please pray for Our newest little one!
Please pray for her Mom! 

We have no idea yet what all is ahead.  We begin each day thankful to have her another day and as apart of our family.   We are bonding more and more together and our love for her is growing greater and greater, which means the more attached we are all becoming the more difficult it will be if we have to say goodbye.  We said yes without a clue of a time frame or details and a month later we really don't know anymore. 

We trust in the Lord's plan for His daughter! She is His and we have been given the amazing blessing to care for her at this time. My prayer is that she would know Jesus' love for her, even at this young age through our family!  Would Joel and I honor The Lord and bring Him glory as we love the 6 beautiful kids he has entrusted to us!

Thank you for joining us in prayer on this new journey!