The Boone Family's Adoption Journey

We Are Growing Again...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Joy and Faithfulness

Well stopping to write isn't as easy with 4 children.  It's amazing how adding 1 more can make such a difference.  Joel and I feel like we have quite the entourage everywhere we go, but love it.  Each one of our sweet kids bring us "joy" and so has the last 54 days as a family of 6.  Joy has been the word that has been brought to our hearts over and over as we have journeyed through becoming a family of 6 and soon will be our sweet girl's middle name... Savannah Joy Boone.   As I reflect on the month of December I am reminded again of the Lord's faithfulness.

December Memories...

Savannah was officially freed for adoption on December 13!  Forever and ever she will be ours, but her official adoption finalization date will be sometime in the summer.  Looking forward to that celebration...

Decorating for Christmas was extra special this year.  Savannah glowed as we hung Christmas lights, put the blow ups on the front lawn, hung stockings (this year we added a pink one), and decorated the Christmas Tree.  She loved the tree!!!  All four kids put on all the ornaments and I restrained myself from adjusting any of them.  Every ornament hung where a sweet hand placed it.  Some branches had up to 4 ornaments!  It was beautiful!   We also enjoyed cookie baking, gingerbread house decorating, the Nutcracker (Savannah couldn't stop talking about the ballerina's), present making, angel tree, packing food baskets, Christmas Eve church, eating a happy birthday Jesus cake and visiting Santa.  We have faithfully taken the kids to see Santa every year since they were newborns.  It's a bittersweet moment when I unpack the pictures each year and see how fast the years have gone by, yet so fun to watch them grow.  Happy, sad or screaming... I get the picture.  Gavin and Merek smiled proudly this year, Eiler snuggled his blanket and Savannah screamed at the top of her lungs.  Poor Santa!

The final week before Christmas was a trip to San Francisco to be with Uncle Todd and Aunt Tatyana filled with special outings.. ice skating, Christmas lights, special dinners, a sleepover and a reservation at The House of Air (Gigantic Trampolines and Bounce Houses).  God adjusted our plans and so our trip to SF lasted about          1 1/2 hours before Gavin broke his leg at the House of Air.  Instead of all the other outings we got an ambulance ride, an evening at SF general hospital and a 3am arrival home.  Gavin got a cast, some crutches and a new ride (his wheel chair that he uses proudly).  All the kids have been such good troopers!

Needless to say, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was at our house.  Gavin on the couch and chaos all around, but memories were definitely made.   There is nothing quite like Christmas morning... Savannah was the first one downstairs and the fascination on her face as she saw the presents and her "New Hello Kitty Bike" was priceless.  Joel and I had smiles just as big.  Our favorite moment with her was when she gasped and said "Santa brought me a bike and a house!"  Her bike and doll house were put together ready to be used and she went straight for it.  The boys came down shortly after and one by one they glowed.  Gavin got an electric guitar and amp, Merek an air soft gun and Eiler his very own teddy bear (that's all he wanted from Santa).  It was a special family time as we enjoyed one another and the sharing of gifts.

The month of December has been full of anticipation as well as the unexpected and unforgettable moments.  In every moment of joy, laughter, fun and tears we thank our Savior for His FAITHFULNESS!  My prayer is that in 2011 our family would continue to be willing to be used for His glory.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prayer.. what a gift!

Above our lil' ballerina's (what she pretends to be) bed reads...

Before I formed you, I knew you
Before you were born, I set you apart

The Lord created sweet "S" for our family... a Perfect Fit!!  It's been 17 days since we saw her for the first time and what an amazing time we have had as a forever family of 6.

The power of prayer has been so evident in the transition of our sweet daughter into our family.  I continue to be blown away as she runs, giggles, laughs, plays, jumps, sings, hugs, kisses, calls me "Momma", tackles her brothers, tickles her Daddy and sleeps peacefully in her own bed all night long.  It's definitely a God thing!  Thank you, Thank you,  and Thank you again for praying.  

The opportunity to adopt has been a gift to our family and I love how the Lord has allowed us to be used in this beautiful way.  For so many years it was a dream and today it is a reality... and daily He is giving me opportunities to share our journey, which I pray brings Him honor and gives Him all the glory.  My 4 precious children are Yours and I pray Lord that you would continue use our family to be light in this world.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Forever Family of 6!!

Friday morning as Joel and I looked out the window of our hotel room, this was our view.  It was absolutely breath taking and a reminder of our Perfect Creator.  The day had finally arrived... we were taking our daughter to her forever home.  We would no longer have to say good-bye to her at bedtime... tonight we would get to tuck her in and kiss her goodnight.

Our special day continued....

Besides that our little girl was a trooper as we traveled home.. her brother's got to meet her for the first time.  They were so excited and the smiles on their faces when they saw her sweet face were priceless.  Finally, the sister they had prayed faithfully for was home to play.  Within minutes the legos were out and all four of our children were building, smiling, giggling and enjoying one another.  It was awesome and my heart was over flowing with joy.
It has been 8 days now since we saw our daughter's beautiful face for the first time, yet in such a short time she has fit in perfectly.  We know that the Lord has given her heart the peace that we have been praying for.  Thank you to all of our friends and family that have been faithfully praying for our family.  It has been a total blessing!!

We look forward to sharing her sweet face with everyone when the time is right...

Friday, November 5, 2010

We Are Going Home

What an amazing week..  We are absolutely in love with our daughter!  Her beautiful smile and sweet giggles are precious.  Thank you Lord Jesus for our priceless gift and faithful friends and family that have been praying for all of us.

Well today is the day... we get to bring her home!  Joel and I are so, so thankful for this past week, but "wow" three days of preschool exhausted us. We are ready to take our daughter to see "my new house" "my room" "my slide" (her words) and her brothers..  The boys can't wait to meet their sister!

Please pray...
- As we say goodbye and gives hugs
- Travel home
- Meet brothers
- Our daughter's heart

Thank you so much for praying... our family is so blessed!

Monday, November 1, 2010

We Held Our Baby Girl...

Today, Joel and I met and held our sweet daughter for the first time!!  She is absolutely adorable and so precious... full of giggles and smiles.  The moment of walking through the door and seeing her for the first time was amazing.  A day we will forever remember.  We were able to give her a pink "build a bear" from her new brothers along with a little photo album of her forever family and forever home...  it was a special time.  Joel and I are filled with joy to finally be with our daughter and look forward to spending the rest of the week with her before bringing her home on Friday.  

Please join us in prayer
- pray for the new relationship we are forming with our daughter
- pray for her heart 
- pray for our boys who are home and waiting anxiously to meet their sister
- pray for all of us as we become a forever family of 6

Thank you for your prayers and support as we enjoy this amazing time!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The count down begins...

Our meeting for "S" was moved forward a day, so it took place this afternoon.  Joel and I leave Monday to go meet our daughter!!!!  We will stay in the area she lives till Friday and then we will bring her home with us!!  Our family is so excited... after all these years of prayer this is the little one God had waiting for us.  We can't believe that in 9 days she'll be in our home!  Thank you Sweet Jesus for blessing us with a baby girl.  Please pray for "S" as we bring her home to her forever family!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

She is Adorable...

The last 48 hours in the Boone home have been special.
Thursday night...
We decided it was time to share with the boys that sister was coming home.  I wish I could of got a picture of each of their faces when we told them.  They were so excited that God had finally answered their prayers. (The boys have prayed faithfully for baby sister for months)  It was a very special moment.  All we could tell them was her age, name and that this next Thursday (28th) we would get her picture and find out when we get to meet her.  That was enough information for them.. Gavin thought it was extra special that the meeting is on his birthday.  He said that is the best birthday present ever.  It was so adorable!
Friday brought a surprise....
The boys were all out of school and Joel was off work.  We had 2 extra kids over and we were getting ready for Gavin's 9th birthday party.  We were having a fun and busy day.  I went up stairs to check my email and there was our Surprise!  Joel and I got to see our daughter for the very first time!!!  I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted the whole world to see her!!!  She is absolutely precious!!!  We called the boys up to see their sister and smiles filled everyone's face.  An unforgettable moment (just like when you see your baby born for the first time)!  Unfortunately, we can't post her picture at this time, but if you see us we will have one to show you:).  Gavin showed all his friends her picture at his party, Merek tells everyone he talks to how he loves his sister "S" and Eiler calls her "banana". (It's close to her name)
Her picture is framed in our house and we printed copies for all of our family.  Needless to say, We are just a tad bit excited!
Thank you for all your prayers and continued prayers as we now look forward to holding our daughter for the first time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

He is Faithful...

As last week ended we were told that it wasn't possible to get both girls.  So we began praying that the Lord would make it clear on which sweet girl he had created for our family and it wouldn't come down to us having to choose.  He seemed to answer our prayer as we never ended up getting anymore information on "S" and our social worker said that M's placement was moving forward and they hoped to have placed with us in the next couple weeks.  More waiting and more praying!
Yesterday I received an email that M's placement with us was being delayed due to the assessment of the relatives, so now they hoped to get back to us in a couple weeks with more information.  My heart was disappointed and sad.  I began to journal and pour my heart out to the Lord.  Asking Him to give me His peace and to remind me He is in absolute control.   I prayed I would be filled completely with His joy and not allow circumstances to take that away.  It was a sweet time.
The day continued...
About an hour later I received another email, this time from the case workers for "S".  Attached was a general profile about her and that they were hoping to have her placed with a family by mid November.  Yes... we now received more information, but we still had no idea if we had been chosen for her or if we still needed to go through the interview process.  Our social worker commented in the email she would call us later in the day.  I again spent time with the Lord praying for direction.  My mind was everywhere.
The day continued...
Our social worker called in the evening and asked what we thought as we read the additional information on "S".  I shared we were excited and trusting God would show us the path in which He would call us to pursue (M or S).  I then asked her, now that we have more information on "S" where do we stand and what does it all really mean.  She said that's why I called and began to share that our family had been chosen for "S" and that they are ready to place her!  Then she asked the question we had been dreaming of... Are you willing?  My mind wanted to explode... she continued to share with me more details, but to sum it all up, we said Yes!  We have prayed and asked the Lord to make it clear and He was faithful to do so.
Here is what we know...
At the end of this week we are suppose to receive S's complete profile and pictures :) and then next week we will meet with S's social worker to discuss the plan for her transition to move to our home.  There target date is to have her placed with us by mid November.  My heart is filled with every possible emotion from... pure excitement... to fear... what if for some unforeseen reason it doesn't happen.
There are still so many unanswered questions, but we continue to trust in the Lord.  He has been faithful and will continue to be so as we move ahead on our adoption journey.
In closing we have chosen not to share anything with our boys, until we know that exact date we will get to meet our sweet girl.
Please join us in praying for "S" and that the Lord would take care of every detail as we prepare to bring her home.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Can we take both...

When Joel and I had the meeting about "M" last week, we were reminded by our social worker that we could still be called in regards to other children as we wait to see what would take place with "M".  He shared that they have had families waiting on one child and the Lord brings another along and that ends up being the child for their family.  So as we drove home Joel and I talked about how we were open to receiving any other calls if that would be what the Lord had.
Well yesterday it happened..
Just as I finished reading the email about "M" my cell phone rang and it was our agency with another call. This time about a sweet 2 year old little girl named "S".   Joel's response to the news, "Can't we take both?" I love his heart as he waits for his daughter.  So we said yes to having our home study submitted for her too.  We no little information about "S", but are excited to hear more as the week continues.  Though we have been chosen for "M", there is still family pending so their is no guarantee... we will continue to walk through any doors the Lord opens up for us.
My heart is so excited today!
"We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be anxious for nothing...

This past weekend in church I was definitely challenged and convicted that my family and the adoption of our future daughter had slipped into the number one position of my life.  What joy I had standing with Joel and sticking it to the cross on Saturday night.  Allowing my Jesus to move back to number one and laying my sweet family back into His hands.  Joel, Gavin, Merek, Eiler and baby girl are His... and what a gift God has given to me!  
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving, present your requests be known to God.  And the peace of God,
which surpasses all understanding will guard your
hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:6-7
Our "M" update:
We received the information today that we are the chosen family for M "IF" the relatives do not work out.  The assessment of the family will take place over the next week or so...
Please pray with us as we continue to wait on the Lord!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Lord's plan is not always easy, but it is always right!

Today finally came...
Joel and I began our morning out to breakfast.  We had so much fun being together, laughing and sharing our hearts.
When we got home, Joel showed me the most amazing video that he had just received in an email... With tears running down my face I was reminded of exactly why we are doing what we are doing and that every bit of this word "waiting" that is so challenging is WORTH IT.  We are where we are because of you Sweet Jesus.  Every one of these precious children belong to you... 
Here is the link to the video if you have about 8 minutes to see a church making a difference.
 As we left I whispered to the Lord, "May our home be used to make a difference"

In the afternoon we had our meeting with M's social worker and county worker.  What an interesting place to be sharing about yourself and your family as they quietly listen, take notes and highlight what's been said.  We have met with numerous people this past year and answered hundreds of questions about our family, but nothing compared to this experience. The best part was we were given a beautiful opportunity to share our faith with these ladies and to give God the glory for the work He is doing in our family.  It was awesome!  We were also able to receive quite a bit more information on sweet "M" and ask a lot of questions. 
However, the wait continues... 
During the past week two possible relatives have come forth with an interest for "M", so they will assess them first. Then after all assessments, meeting with us and meeting with the other family they will make their decision.  They estimated that they will get back to us in about 3 weeks.  Joel and I left the meeting with great peace.  We felt everyone's prayers! 

The Lord's plan is not ALWAYS EASY, but it is ALWAYS RIGHT!  He has called us to adopt and He will be faithful to carry us through. We continue on our journey knowing He is in complete control...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Call Came... and we wait...

Today I got the call that our family and one other family have been selected for this sweet little baby girl.   So next Wednesday the placement team will meet with both families and then make their final decision on who they feel will be the best fit.  The Lord continues to open the door for us with this lil' one, so we will continue to walk through.  Sweet "M" was created by our Savior and we trust and pray for His perfect plan for her.   Again, thank you for all your prayers as we wait to see what the Lord does...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We received an email just a little bit ago that the decision has not been made yet as their are lots of profiles to review... so we wait... and most likely we will not know anything more today.  This journey will continue to teach me to trust in the Lord and to wait on His timing.  That is definitely alot easier to say then do.  We appreciate everyone's prayers and sweet words.

Monday, September 27, 2010

"For He Himself is our peace" Ephesians 2:14

I finished a journal a couple weeks ago and before I closed it I thought it would be fun to go back and read my first entry.

It was dated February 22, 2006 and I had just found out I was pregnant with my 3rd baby.
Here is a line that I had written...
Lord Jesus thank you for my sweet boys and the new lil' blessing in my tummy.  I pray I will carry this precious gift full-term and he/she would be healthy.  Lord may I trust your plan and have a prepared heart for what my lil' blessing is.   I have a desire for a sweet baby girl someday.
Tomorrow my precious Eiler, who I wouldn't trade for anything in the world :), turns 4!

My Final Entry dated September 14, 2010
Lord I continue to give our adoption journey over to you.  "If we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance." Romans 8:25 Lord we do eagerly wait...
My journal began with a desire for a little girl and over 4 years later we are waiting for our sweet girl!

I received an email today that the placement meeting for the 4 month old little girl is tomorrow.
For He Himself is our peace Ephesians 2:14

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Sweet Little Girl's Room...

A Social Worker's glimpse of our family

This is our photo book that social worker's receive when our profile is submitted.

The journey...

Seven years ago, Joel and I realized that God had laid on both of our hearts to pursue adoption.  We contacted the agency Family Connections and the process began.  After a couple months of classes, paper work and prayer , He made it very clear that the timing wasn’t right.  Over the next several years the desire to adopt continued.  In August of 2009, God called us to start the adoption process again and we felt led to pursue this journey with Koinonia Adoption Services.  This time God continued us through all the paper work and classes and on August 11, 2010 we officially became an adoption certified family.  As I reflect on the past year I am in awh of all the love and support from our family and friends.  Here is just one example: In June we had a Yard Sale of all donated items to help off set some of the adoption expenses for our future daughter. When it was all over we were blown away!  We raised enough money to cover all our expenses as well as completely furnish and decorate her future bedroom. Thank you to everyone who was apart of that amazing weekend!  Though the tedious part of the journey has been completed the hardest part began.. waiting for our little girl!  
On August 12 (just one day after being certified) we received our first phone call.  We were asked to consider two children, a 2 year old boy and a 1 year old girl.  They were part of a sibling set of 4 that they were struggling to find placement for, so they were going to place them 2 and 2.  We said yes and our profile was submitted, but two days later we received a call back that they had found a family to take all 4.  What a blessing for those sweet kiddos... and so our wait began again.  
On September 23 (last Thursday) we received a second call.  This time for a 4 month old little girl and we said yes.  Our profile was submitted, but the placement meeting for this little girl is not till next week.  
So this is currently where we are in our journey... Is this the sweet little one God has created to be in our family?  So as we wait to hear next week, we will pray, pray, pray that the Lord's will be done.