The Boone Family's Adoption Journey

We Are Growing Again...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Joy and Faithfulness

Well stopping to write isn't as easy with 4 children.  It's amazing how adding 1 more can make such a difference.  Joel and I feel like we have quite the entourage everywhere we go, but love it.  Each one of our sweet kids bring us "joy" and so has the last 54 days as a family of 6.  Joy has been the word that has been brought to our hearts over and over as we have journeyed through becoming a family of 6 and soon will be our sweet girl's middle name... Savannah Joy Boone.   As I reflect on the month of December I am reminded again of the Lord's faithfulness.

December Memories...

Savannah was officially freed for adoption on December 13!  Forever and ever she will be ours, but her official adoption finalization date will be sometime in the summer.  Looking forward to that celebration...

Decorating for Christmas was extra special this year.  Savannah glowed as we hung Christmas lights, put the blow ups on the front lawn, hung stockings (this year we added a pink one), and decorated the Christmas Tree.  She loved the tree!!!  All four kids put on all the ornaments and I restrained myself from adjusting any of them.  Every ornament hung where a sweet hand placed it.  Some branches had up to 4 ornaments!  It was beautiful!   We also enjoyed cookie baking, gingerbread house decorating, the Nutcracker (Savannah couldn't stop talking about the ballerina's), present making, angel tree, packing food baskets, Christmas Eve church, eating a happy birthday Jesus cake and visiting Santa.  We have faithfully taken the kids to see Santa every year since they were newborns.  It's a bittersweet moment when I unpack the pictures each year and see how fast the years have gone by, yet so fun to watch them grow.  Happy, sad or screaming... I get the picture.  Gavin and Merek smiled proudly this year, Eiler snuggled his blanket and Savannah screamed at the top of her lungs.  Poor Santa!

The final week before Christmas was a trip to San Francisco to be with Uncle Todd and Aunt Tatyana filled with special outings.. ice skating, Christmas lights, special dinners, a sleepover and a reservation at The House of Air (Gigantic Trampolines and Bounce Houses).  God adjusted our plans and so our trip to SF lasted about          1 1/2 hours before Gavin broke his leg at the House of Air.  Instead of all the other outings we got an ambulance ride, an evening at SF general hospital and a 3am arrival home.  Gavin got a cast, some crutches and a new ride (his wheel chair that he uses proudly).  All the kids have been such good troopers!

Needless to say, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was at our house.  Gavin on the couch and chaos all around, but memories were definitely made.   There is nothing quite like Christmas morning... Savannah was the first one downstairs and the fascination on her face as she saw the presents and her "New Hello Kitty Bike" was priceless.  Joel and I had smiles just as big.  Our favorite moment with her was when she gasped and said "Santa brought me a bike and a house!"  Her bike and doll house were put together ready to be used and she went straight for it.  The boys came down shortly after and one by one they glowed.  Gavin got an electric guitar and amp, Merek an air soft gun and Eiler his very own teddy bear (that's all he wanted from Santa).  It was a special family time as we enjoyed one another and the sharing of gifts.

The month of December has been full of anticipation as well as the unexpected and unforgettable moments.  In every moment of joy, laughter, fun and tears we thank our Savior for His FAITHFULNESS!  My prayer is that in 2011 our family would continue to be willing to be used for His glory.