The Boone Family's Adoption Journey

We Are Growing Again...

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Court Date!!!

The first couple weeks of December were a roller coaster of emotions for me.  We were told that "the" papers we signed would be filed with the court the first week of December and then our finalization court date would be a week or two after.  Everything was to be done in December.  I was so excited and SO ready!!  It has been a long and emotional 14 month pregnancy/labor and I was ready for the delivery:)...

Unfortunately, everything didn't go as planned.  "The" papers took longer and then "the"papers took longer and then there was one paper missing... I am really done with papers!
We were now waiting for one last paper from the county Savannah previously lived in and they hoped to release it to our social worker by December 13th... hoped... ugh...

I found myself extremely anxious, frustrated, discouraged and bitter.  I didn't want to wait anymore.  I wanted to drive and release the paper myself.   I had a plan and it wasn't happening.  I didn't like that and I didn't understand why. I am thankful for my sweet hubby, friends and family that listened to me, prayed for me and reminded me that the Lord was in control and that His plan was the greatest even if I couldn't see it.  Each morning I would ask the Lord for patience, some days were better then others and some days I had to ask a 100 times. I began to feel His peace and release my plans.

On Friday December 9th I got the call that "the" paper had been released (music to my ears), but it couldn't be faxed, it would be mailed.  Ahhh... really?  Ok, I could do this.. waiting that's what I do.  I was told that by the middle of the next week everything would be filed.  I was praying for a miracle, that "the" papers would be ready Monday and that there would be one more court date available in December.

SURPRISE... Monday morning (December 12th) we got the call that "the" papers were here! Our Lord is amazing! "The" papers were being hand delivered to the court to be filed and I would receive a phone call in the afternoon with our court date.  I knew chances of a December court date were slim and I was prepared to hear January, but I was still praying.

Around 2:00 our social worker called with the date...
January 9th!!!

The Lord chose not to answer my prayer for December, but finally WE HAD A DATE!  I was thankful for  His peace.. it was filling my heart and I wasn't disappointed.  He answered my prayer for "the" papers to arrive on Monday and I didn't want to forget that! Finally, we had an end date to all of our waiting!

Our 2-1/2 year adoption journey will come to an end in 10 days.. what a journey it has been..
from Day 1 till Day 887 we have experienced every possible emotion, but through it all we have experienced the Lord's perfect plan in bringing our daughter home.  Thank you for all of your prayers... what a blessing they have been to Our Forever Family!

Now it's time to plan our Adoption Day Party!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Family 3K Fun Run

Our Adoption Signing celebration continued...

Just an hour after signing "the" papers, we headed down to Monterey and Pacific Grove for a night away and to participate in a 3k Family Fun Run for Atheletes for Adoption.  When we arrived in town, we went to Chili's for dinner and were joined by my parents, Joel's parents, my brother's family and Joel's brothers family.  It was so fun to all be together for my birthday meal!  After dinner we all headed back to our hotel in Pacific Grove and tucked  into bed.

Saturday morning was the 3K Run.  We had so much fun getting ready.  The kids were so excited to put on their AFA shirts and bib numbers.  They were ready for the race.  As we walked down to the start line (all 17 of us) the day was beautiful, there were lots of people and so much excitement.  

We arrived at the start line a few minutes early so we got to talk with other families that were there running for athletes for adoption as well as take lots of pictures.  At the 5 minute warning they played the National Anthem.  As I stood there listening to the song and looking around at the 17 family members there with me, my eyes filled with tears.  Today my family joined with me in my passion for adoption and my daughter's journey. They booked hotels, paid race registration fees, drove hours and set aside time in their schedules to be here with us.  I had never felt so supported and loved.  It was overwhelmingly awesome!  My family rocks!  

The gun fired and the race began... 
and for us it wasn't about the race but about the fun.  We ran for about 1 minute then chased, played, laughed, walked and talked all along the ocean.  It was such an amazing hour.  Yes, it took our family just over one hour to go 2 miles, but we finished!   I think we literally were the second to last group.  However, that hour will forever be a sweet memory.  Our families had the best conversations over those 2 miles and my heart was so happy watching all the kids play together.  I am so thankful it took as long as it did!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to our friends and family that sponsored us for the run!
We raised $500 for God's Grace Adoption Ministries which will  help bring children home to their forever families! 
Also our family won for greatest family participation for The Athletes for Adoption Team

Add Todd and Tatyana's daughter, Katya got youngest participant

A Burden Lifted...
We were always told that Savannah was here to stay, she wasn't going any where and that no one would move her... but it wasn't till after signing "the" papers that I realized I had those thoughts in the back of my mind.  As I look at my precious daughter, I realized that burden had been lifted and I could squeeze her that much tighter.  We are one step away from officially knowing that no one could ever take her from us.  I can't wait for her Adoption Day!!!

Please join with us in prayer as we wait again for our court date...

Happy 31st Birthday...

November 18th was finally here... I couldn't wait for this day, yet I had guarded myself just in case it didn't happen.  Obviously the day would happen, as well as my birthday, but I was anxious for us to sign Savannah's adoption papers.  However, knowing that it could quite possibly be postponed, I tried once again to not have high expectations... knowing I would ball my eyes out if the date was moved.   Right at noon our social worker arrived, so we were yet another step closer.  I kept my phone close just in case Savannah's social worker got lost or needed anything and then about 12:15 she arrived!  I think I could of hugged her forever (she had the papers we needed to sign).  As she came in she said, "There is  just one problem, I made a mistake..."  at these words my heart dropped to the floor and I could almost feel the instant tears, "I forgot a blue and black pen", ohh huge relief, I had plenty of those to share.  We all gathered around our dining room table as she explained each paper in this massive book (basically Savannah's life story before our home).  I couldn't stop looking at the cover.  It was the first time we saw her forever name on an official document.  It was beautiful!  We had a signing party as all four of us passed papers around placing our signatures in all the right places.  Savannah sat right on my lap as she was so happy for Mommy and Daddy to be signing her forever and ever  I will never have to move again papers.   The process took about 45 minutes and we thanked the social workers for all they had done and then they were on their way to there next appointments.  As the door closed all I could do was smile.  I felt so giddy.  We were no longer Savannah's foster parents.  We had signed the papers to officially be her forever Mommy and Daddy.
We were finally in adoption placement!! It was the best birthday present ever!! The Lord had answered my prayer!!