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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Court Date!!!

The first couple weeks of December were a roller coaster of emotions for me.  We were told that "the" papers we signed would be filed with the court the first week of December and then our finalization court date would be a week or two after.  Everything was to be done in December.  I was so excited and SO ready!!  It has been a long and emotional 14 month pregnancy/labor and I was ready for the delivery:)...

Unfortunately, everything didn't go as planned.  "The" papers took longer and then "the"papers took longer and then there was one paper missing... I am really done with papers!
We were now waiting for one last paper from the county Savannah previously lived in and they hoped to release it to our social worker by December 13th... hoped... ugh...

I found myself extremely anxious, frustrated, discouraged and bitter.  I didn't want to wait anymore.  I wanted to drive and release the paper myself.   I had a plan and it wasn't happening.  I didn't like that and I didn't understand why. I am thankful for my sweet hubby, friends and family that listened to me, prayed for me and reminded me that the Lord was in control and that His plan was the greatest even if I couldn't see it.  Each morning I would ask the Lord for patience, some days were better then others and some days I had to ask a 100 times. I began to feel His peace and release my plans.

On Friday December 9th I got the call that "the" paper had been released (music to my ears), but it couldn't be faxed, it would be mailed.  Ahhh... really?  Ok, I could do this.. waiting that's what I do.  I was told that by the middle of the next week everything would be filed.  I was praying for a miracle, that "the" papers would be ready Monday and that there would be one more court date available in December.

SURPRISE... Monday morning (December 12th) we got the call that "the" papers were here! Our Lord is amazing! "The" papers were being hand delivered to the court to be filed and I would receive a phone call in the afternoon with our court date.  I knew chances of a December court date were slim and I was prepared to hear January, but I was still praying.

Around 2:00 our social worker called with the date...
January 9th!!!

The Lord chose not to answer my prayer for December, but finally WE HAD A DATE!  I was thankful for  His peace.. it was filling my heart and I wasn't disappointed.  He answered my prayer for "the" papers to arrive on Monday and I didn't want to forget that! Finally, we had an end date to all of our waiting!

Our 2-1/2 year adoption journey will come to an end in 10 days.. what a journey it has been..
from Day 1 till Day 887 we have experienced every possible emotion, but through it all we have experienced the Lord's perfect plan in bringing our daughter home.  Thank you for all of your prayers... what a blessing they have been to Our Forever Family!

Now it's time to plan our Adoption Day Party!!

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