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Friday, January 13, 2012

887 days... WE ARE FINAL!!!

Our adoption journey began August 5, 2009...
Our paperwork was completed August 10, 2010...
We got the call for Savannah October 13, 2010...
We met Savannah "our sweet girl" on November 1, 2010...
Savannah came home on November 5, 2010...

Monday, January 9, 2012 all 6 of us sat in court together, surrounded by family and friends as we signed our final paper and heard the greatest words come from the judge's mouth,
"Savannah is officially yours!"

My eyes were filled with tears of joy!  I was finally, officially and forever Savannah's Mom!

Enjoy our video of this amazing moment captured by our close friend

Boone Family Adoption Hearing on Vimeo

As I walked out of the courtroom, I held my daughter's hand tighter then ever!  The fears were gone, the what ifs disappeared and I looked her in the eyes and with absolute certainty I told her.. I am your FOREVER Mommy and you are FOREVER my Savannah Joy Boone!  It was amazing!

We celebrated after at IHop for breakfast and then headed home to decorate for her adoption party.  It was a "Sweet Love" theme with a picture timeline of her last fourteen months with us, as well as a candy buffet and cake pops!  She was beyond excited.

We get to move forward... 
I no longer have to write two names, show documentation I have legal care of her, call the social workers when we are leaving town, only leave her with a babysitter for less then 4 hours, fax medical check-ups, document any medicine she takes, keep her picture off the internet, answer any questions, etc... The Lord has given us the most incredible gift, we are her Dad and Mom.

Her birth certificate reads:
Savannah Joy Boone
Name of Father: Joel Boone
Name of Mother: Sarah Boone

The Lord has been faithful to complete our family in a beautiful way and I wouldn't trade any of the 887 days!
We couldn't imagine our family any other way!

Thank you for all your prayers, encouragement, hugs and celebration you have shared with our family as we walked through our journey of adoption.

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  1. God is so good! Just found your blog from FB. What an awesome job He has entrusted you with. Praying you are beginning to feel better!
    Summur Braley