The Boone Family's Adoption Journey

We Are Growing Again...

Monday, January 16, 2012


We are excited to share the amazing pictures that Grover Style Photography captured of our adoption celebration at the court house.  Thank you so much Amber for using the talents the Lord has given to you to bless our family with an incredible gift.

Check them out!
Scroll down and click on Boone Family Adoption
Password is: Savannah (make sure the "S" is capitalized)

Enjoy our video (just in case you missed it) of this amazing moment captured by our close friend at  Thank you so much Jerad for the precious gift you have given to our family and especially our daughter. She will forever be able to see the joy and celebration we experienced the day she became officially ours!

Boone Family Adoption Hearing on Vimeo

Love The Boone Family... our adoption journey is finished!

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